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The Demand for professionally trained personnel in the large and ever expanding field of Para-Medical Services has transcended geographical boundaries and its demand is now increasingly felt far from remote villages to the distant leading developed countries as well. It is in this context that Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education, Patna, for the preceding several years, with a team of dedicated and experienced faculty members, has been imparting a standard training program in useful Para-Medical sectors, in a congenial academic environment aiming at cultivating excellence in the participant trainees & placing their excellence towards the services of the community & the nation.

I would like to extend my best wishes to the students joining different streams of Para-Medical courses here. I congratulate them on their choice & decision and can only assure that a certain bright and prosperous future awaits them tomorrow.

Mission of the Organization

  • To make available minimum health care services to all.
  • To educate people & to help build up a strong line of competent work force to meet effectively the challenges to modern health needs.
  • To create opportunities to lead a life of dignity & self respect.
  • To ensure satisfactory livelihood opportunities for the youths & needy masses.
  • To dedicate our mission on a healthy & prosperous India.
  • Strengthening of Health workers ratio as per WHO norms.


  • Motivation for continued up gradation of skills and respect for one's capabilities.
  • To provide training in Health & Professional Education in most update & appropriate form.
  • To extend quality teaching, counseling and proper career advice to students.
  • To encourage, Promote and assist youth efforts for creation of employment opportunities and self reliance.
  • Empowerment of individuals and integration of womenfolk to the main stream of the nation.
  • To work for satisfactory sanitation work in the rural & remote areas.
  • To organize health awareness campaign in the rural areas.
  • To provide Technical consultancy services and skilled man-power support to the Health Sector & Public organizations.